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Alden E.C. Bigelow



New Release

Lines Of Convergence

Bigelow's new book focuses on the body of his work over recent years. These previously unpublished poems and short stories converge together by theme and cover everything from growing up in the 1950's to love and friendship, and even hits the darker days of depression and life lessons. The book speaks easily from the heart and soul and is sure to touch readers of all ages and all walks of life. There is something for everyone here. 

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In Lines of Convergence, Bigelow’s mastery of storytelling is on display. He carries the reader from lively, entertaining banter to gripping inspirational stories to the dark recesses of depression. Whether the subject is dark or light, the characters compel us to read on into the night. Many of his poems drive home the themes of the stories. Another convergence. 

-Gerry Kruger, Author 

The more I read, the more I realize how well Alden Bigelow writes. Read this book and enjoy the writing. 

- Marjorie Adams Bigelow 

In Lines of Convergence, Alden Bigelow presents a series of short stories and poems that are highly entertaining and thought-provoking. His engaging writing style and cast of colorful characters draw the reader in from the first page and hold one’s attention throughout this series of vignettes and moving poetry. Descriptive scenes evoke images of places and adventures from days gone by, including a fascinating fictional conversation among Thomas Jefferson and his contemporaries. Alden’s previous works set a high bar of quality, and Lines of Convergence continues his standard of literary excellence. 

-Fred Shackleford, Author of The Ticket 

Praise for Lines of Convergence

Mountain Range

About Alden Bigelow

Author of six books, Alden Bigelow has an authentic voice that shines throughout all of his work. He has a subtle skill of telling simple stories based on true-life events that make the reader think about character or characters in a different way. Through storytelling, he brings fiction to life realistically and covers themes from injustice and depression to love, friendship and humanity. 

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