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"Waiting on Nantucket is a poignant memoir of a struggling writer who drifts among a cast of fascinating characters on a magical island.  Alden Bigelow's characters come alive in this masterful, eloquent, and engaging tale. He hit it out of the park!"

             -Fred Shackleford

            Author of The Ticket and Judges say the Darnedest Things

"I could not stop reading this book!  I found myself planning my own getaway to Nantucket halfway through reading it.  I think this book really encompasses a lot of lessons about life and talks about the struggles of depression very openly.  I have recommended it to all of my friends, and I will read it again and again.  Five stars!"

             - Nika Ackenbom

“I could not stop reading this book. I read it in two days. I was even editing while I was reading! I was totally absorbed by the plot and the characters, who were all very real for me. I initially thought it was NON-fiction! I fell in love. My friend Alden has outdone himself. This book must be read by a lot of souls. Just for one’s peace of mind.”

            -Wat Ellerson

"What a book!  A gripping story in every sense of the word.  It made me laugh and cry and held my attention throughout.  I wish Robert and Mr. Reed could read it.  And Mystery.  She seemed smart enough to be able to read!"

             -Gerry Kruger

             Author of Two of Us, a Memoir On Kruger Pond:  Charlie's Story

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"Beware of Jerry Gorilla, Thunderbolt the mountain lion, and even Jessie the springer spaniel, all warriors in this delightful, timely fable by Alden Bigelow. These animals and more unite to change man’s callous behavior to their fellow mammals. And, they succeed in raid after raid. Read this book to discover their bravery and intelligence versus man’s smug indifference to their treatment. It’s a timely book for humans of all ages."

                         -Elaine Ruggieri

                          Former V.P Public Relations, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia

"Invisible cloaks, ghostly soldiers, and benevolent sabotage!  The Great American Mammal Jamboree spins a tale that compels us to suspend our disbelief as we root for the good guys to win.  While the animals in this unique fable are witty and entertaining, they underscore the serious theme of animal cruelty and what needs to be done to combat it.  

            Animals lovers will delight in this lighthearted tale, but its value as a lesson for humanity makes it required reading."

                         -Gerry Kruger, author of On Kruger Pond: Charlie’s Story

"Imagine a world where animals can communicate and coordinate to affect changes to improve their lives. In a modern-day fable, Alden Bigelow has illuminated the plight of animals in today's society with wry wit and biting commentary."

                         -C.S. Chase, Palmyra, Virginia

"I was initially attracted to the drawings of various animals who comprise the collective voice that tells the story of the Great American Mammal Jamboree.  As soon as I began reading the manuscript I was completely enthralled by their story.  Alden Bigelow has crafted a charming tale of communication, cooperation, competition, justice, and animal rights.  A delightful, informative and uplifting story that heightens our awareness as humans of the lives and concerns of our fellow inhabitants."

                          -Megan LeBoutillier

"The Great American Mammal Jamboree is the great fable for our time. Follow the exciting action of these animals and you have not only a satisfying read but new appreciation of how animals deserve better treatment from us humans.  I'd like to see this book in many schools and as a movie."
                         -Dr. Beverly Joyce, Clinical Psychologist, Charlottesville, VA

"Alden Bigelow weaves a mysterious tale that takes the reader on a wonderful journey, full of lessons learned and special mammal friends, and starring Jessie, the lovable narrator."

                         -Dr. M.E. Adams

Killing Time

"Killing Time is Great.  The action is tight and unpredictale.  The characters are well drawn and credible.  It is an accurate exposition of the legal process in a Virginia criminal jury trial, and provides an excellent portrayal of the social mores and thinking of folks in late 1950s Virginia."

                          -H. Watkins Ellerson, Byrd Creek Farm, Hadensville, VA


"The characters in Killing Time are wonderful!  A must read for all!"

                          -M. Wolman, Philadelphia, PA


"An inspired piece of historical fiction that takes me right back to my childhood in Charlottesville."

                          -Rob Coles, Charlottesville, VA


"Killing Time provides us a glimpse into our past - and shows us how we're still struggling."

                          -Ellen Osborne, artist, Charlottesville, VA


"I couldn't put this book down.  Killing Time is gripping and the historical perspective added meaningful context.  Another winner from Alden Bigelow!"

                           -Dr. Beverly Joyce, Clinical Psychologist, Charlottesville, VA


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Norton's Lament

"Norton's Lament is an intimate portrait of a life deeply lived - no holds barred and offered up to the listener, warts and all."

                          -Brian Parrish, Executive Director, VOCAL (A Voice for Mental Health                                                                                                          Recovery), Inc.


"Norton's Lament shold be required reading for all incoming college freshmen.  During orientation, students could use the book as a vehicle to discuss depression - what they think the signals are that someone is suffering from depression, and what they would do if they thought a friend were suffering or they themselves were suffering from depression.  Depression is a topic that needs more discussion during college, and Norton's Lament would provide a great vehicle to start that discussion."

                          -Professor M.E. Adams, Charlottesville, VA 


"What a riveting book!  I couldn't put it down . . .  I highly recommend Norton's Lament.                              -Dr. Beverly Joyce, Clinical Psychologist, Charlottesville, VA


"Norton's Lament provides us a glimpse into the mind and heart of a very soulful character - and he shows us the parts of humanity we all share."

                         -Ellen Osborne, artist, Charlottesville, VA

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Growing Up With Jemima

"I was there and the book brings it all back!"

                          -Rod Gordon"


" The adventures of a boy and his dog romping through the old neighborhoods of Charlottesville and Richmond in the 1950s felt delightfully true.  Alden Bigelow deftly captures this slice of time and warms our hearts."

                          -Dr. Beverly Joyce


"Growing up with Jemima reminds me of Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn - a great book for kids and their parents."

                          -M. E. Adams



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